A Skating Romance

Well, the time has come to tell the truth. I'm not going to tell you everything at once, because I think the truth should be told slowly... and okay, I'm chicken. I'll admit right off the bat that I'm scared to death. So this might be a stupid idea, but it's the only one I can think of right now, so this is the way it is.

A secret admirer...

Ice dancer Ross Alexander has no idea who has been writing him daily love letters, and yet, they continue to appear on his doorstep each day. Confused, he turns to his partner, Julianne Torrance, for help in solving the mystery.

Meanwhile, Julianne has a secret of her own to keep hidden. While helping her partner play Sherlock, she finds herself embroiled in a puzzle she can't get out of.

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The Story

Day 1: A Little Red Envelope
Day 2: Playing Sherlock
Day 3: All's Fair in Love and War
Day 4: Romantic Fools
Day 5: Two of a Kind
Day 6: Waiting For Someone
Day 7: Incoming Chat Request
Day 8: In the Company of Rivals
Day 9: Strange Things
Day 10: Only You
Day 11, Part 1: Premonitions
Day 11, Part 2: Intoxication of Two Kinds
Day 12: Consequences
Day 13: One More Day
Day 14: Be My Valentine

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