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"I can think of three or four times in other sports, in a 20-some-year writing career, that I've ever gotten to the climax of an event and found a little tear in my eye... But when I watched Browning skate to those World titles and watch Stojko skate to the World titles, every time, I'm sitting there wiping a little tear away from the corner of my eye and saying, 'This is one of the greatest things in sport that I'll ever see in my lifetime.'

The first time that I can ever recall being struck by the powerful emotion that this sport drives was in the press box at the 1988 Olympics when Midori Ito was skating... There were guys there I had covered hockey with, sports columnists... guys who basically were approaching this thing in a pretty skeptical manner. And I saw a whole lot of those guys up there, when she finished her performance that night, taking their glasses off and wiping their eyes with their hands.

And I'm thinking to myself, 'Now you know... now you know.'"

~ Cam Cole, Journalist

Figure skating - a world of glamour, glitz, elegance, and athleticism. I do not skate myself, save for a few rounds of the local outdoor rink on a brisk winter day, but it is not just the act of skating that has captured my heart - it is the world of the sport, and the characters that make up this world.

The writer in me is caught up in the risk factor of the sport, in the stories of its heroes, in the delicate and yet incredibly strong nature of this world of art and sport combined. And so, here is my contribution to the seemingly fairy-tale world of skating and the stories behind it - in fiction and in fact, a few heartfelt sketches inspired by the sport I love.


  • Billets-Doux
    Billets-Doux is the story of Julianne Torrance and Ross Alexander, a world medal-winning ice dance team. When Ross begins receiving mysterious notes two weeks before Valentine's Day, he enlists the help of Julie, his partner and best friend, to help solve the puzzle... but what he doesn't know is that the answer to the mystery might be closer than he thinks.

  • Nothing Less Than Everything
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Golden Moments - Stories from the 1998 Winter Olympic Games

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